Perfect Patron
Patron Silver & Patron Citrónge mixed with fresh lime & agave make the perfect Margarita.

Classic fresh lime Margarita prepared with El Jimador Reposado & Grand Marnier.

Made with fresh lime juice & agave nectar. 

Top-shelf Fortaleza, our premier low land tequila, shaken with fresh lime juice, agave nectar & Cointreau. 

The best of both worlds: Tequila & Beer!  Agave, fresh lime and tequila finished with a Mexican lager. 

Looking to try something a little different? Mezcal adds a warm smoky flavor to our classic Lime Margarita. 

Ginger Lime
Freshly grated ginger root & lime. The fresh ginger adds a kick of spice.

Blood Orange Ginger
Orange & crimson fruit mixed with ginger spice. Tart, spicy & sweet! 

Fresh chopped pineapple & jalapeños mixed with fresh lime and agave. 

Cucumber Cilantro
Classic Margarita muddled with cucumber and cilantro. 

Prickly Pear
The kind of prick you want in your life! Fruit berry with a slight bite, mixed with fresh squeezed citrus and agave nectar. 


Tijuana Mule
El Jimador Reposado, Ginger Beer and lime.  

Spicy house-smoked tomato mixed with a special blend of spices and Mexican Lager. 

Old Fashioned
Forget the standard whiskey, everything is better with tequila! El Jimador Reposado, Angostura bitters, and agave nectar make this Old Fashioned a whole new experience! 

Mezcal Manhattan
We substitute a warm smoky mezcal into this classic cocktail. Vida Mezcal, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters and a bordeaux cherry.  10

Tequila Flights

Featured Flight
Rotates Daily. Ask your Server about tonight’s feature

House Flight
Chamucos Blanco
Chamucos Reposado
Chamucos Anejo

Don Julio Premier Flight  
Don Julio Real Extra Anejo
Don Julio 1942 Special Anejo
Don Julio Anejo

Draft Beer

Imported, Mexico

Pallet Jack IPA  
India Pale Ale
Barley Brown Brewing
Baker City, Oregon

Double Mountain IRA
India Red Ale
Double Mountain Brewing
Hood River, Oregon

Negra Modelo   
Dark-style Lager
Imported, Mexico

Swift Marionberry Cider  
Swift Brewing
Portland, Oregon

Beer in Cans

Tecate Tall  
Modelo Especial Tall
Coors Light

Wine by the Glass

A-Z Chardonnay
Oregon 2013

Solena Estate Pinot Gris
Willamette Valley 2013

Abacela Rosé   
Umpqua Valley 2014

Farmlands Pinot Noir  
Willamette Valley 2013

Heron Cabernet Sauvignon  
California 2012

Virgin Margaritas

Classic Lime
Prepared with fresh lime & agave 

Guava Lime
Guava with fresh lime & agave 

Soft Beverages

Bottled Mexican Coke  
Bottled Mexican Fanta  
Bottled Mexican Sprite  
Cock ‘n’ Bull Ginger Beer